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How to cast tape mold
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Tape Mold - Casting a Piece

We are going to pressure cast this part using Alumilite’s Flex 60 with blue dye added to it. The Flex 60 is a 1:1 urethane elastomer that cures to a 60A hardness that is similar to the hardness of car tire rubber. It has a 5 minute work time and a 1 hour demold time. So start by measuring out equal amounts of the Flex 60 A & B and then add Alumilite’s Blue dye.

Mix the material thoroughly. Be sure to scrape the sides and the bottom well.

Using a vacuum chamber and pump, degas the Flex 60 to remove all of the mixed in air.

Using a large plastic syringe (found at local medical supply companies), suck up the degassed Flex 60 into the syringe which will allow you to inject the resin into the mold rather than trying to pour it.

Slowly inject the Flex 60 into the large pour hole.

Observe the resin flow through the mold until it is completely filled.

Tilt the mold if necessary to flush air pockets out of trapped areas of the mold.

Fill the reservoir completely and place the entire mold into your Alumilite Pressure Pot.

Fill the pressure pot with 40 psi and allow the part to cure under pressure (approximately 30-60 minutes depending on mass).

Once cured, remove from the pressure tank and open the mold.

Remove the flash from the cast Flex 60 piece and you have a perfectly cast replica of your SLA original.

Notice the flexibility demonstrated in the cured Flex 60 casting.

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